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This is to give you a sample of what we have to offer to your company. Here is a few of the companies that we are doing business with.

website hosting directory There main objective when we first started with them was to get better positions in the search engines and bring a better qualtiy of traffic to the site. With our research we decided to deploy not only Natural Search and Paid Search Placement, but we also went with several different marketing approches for example, ezine advertisements, link building and buying expired domains. We also set them up with differant affiliate partnerships to bring them even more money in. We continue every month to help Hosttrail with these services.
Boating on the Hudson has been around for a few years. They came to us to redesign their website and to also get them better targeted traffic to their website through the use of Natural Search Engine Marketing. By giving us the opportunity to do the redesign and the SEO it madeit easier for us to get them better placement faster. They are now at the top for great keywords like hudson river tides, boating on the hudson, hudson river boating, hudson river tide tables and more.
music store in connecticut When Merles Record Rack came to us they were just starting out on the web. Their website was new and they basically came to us for all their marketing needs. They wanted us to focus more on Connecticut visitors at first and when the time was right they would like to go national exposure. With a small budget in mind, we put together a plan that would make them have more exposure in the Connecticut market while in the process bringing national exposure slowly in. Their customer base and sales continue to grow with our monthly marketing services to this day.
beauty pageants in connecticut Couto Pageants was also a company that was brand new to the online world. With no exposure at all we researched their industry, came up with keywords that would target women and girls that would like to compete in a beauty pageant contest. This was not a national exposure so we had to target certain areas that would pertain to them. Since the traffic wasn't going to be overwhelming we decided to launch just the Natural Search startegy for them, this way it would save them a lot of money. Their results are very good and we continue every month to get their keywords better in the search engines. They are very happy with the detailed reports that we show them every month and the increased traffic to their website.
Aldarios is another local company based in Milford, Connecticut who has chosen our services to bring them better traffic to their website to increase their banquet hall reservations for parties, weddings, birthdays and more. This will be a local market that we will be targeting so we will first implement our Natural and Paid Search Engine services. We will also be listing them with local business directories to give them more exposure. This will be a monthly service provided by Maximum Rank and we are happy to have them on board. The site has not been optimized yet so we did not link to it.

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